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  DAY 1             OCT 15TH 10am -7PM
                                           Film Festival+Workshop



5p Black Friend

5p Black Friend Merrie Triplett

530p French Club

530p French Club Corrine Joseph

6p D'Marie

Stand Up From D'Marie

   DAY2                  OCT 16TH 12PM-6pm
                                                 Live Comedy Acts+Workshop

320p Malaika Jules

320p Malaika Jules Set

340p Lisa Gilbert

340p Lisa Gilbert Set

4p Danna Kiel

4p Danna Kiel Set

420p Chelse Greux

420p Chelse Greux Set

5p Comediandenisecarter

5p Comediandenisecarter Set

520p Wynter Spears

520p Wynter Spears Set

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